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FDA finds euthanasia drug in pet food ingredient

Smart Brief | Posted onMay 7, 2019 in Food News

Pure tallow made by JBS Souderton for use in pet food contained the euthanasia drug pentobarbital, according to an FDA warning letter. The company, which does business under the name MOPAC, said it had cleaned equipment after the FDA and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture found lax testing protocols, but traces of pentobarbital were subsequently found, indicating that measures the company put in place were insufficient to prevent pentobarbital-contaminated ingredients from being used in finished tallow, according to the warning.

Dean Foods Falters in More Concentrated Milk Market

Wall Street Journal | Posted onMay 7, 2019 in Food News

Biggest U.S. dairy maker is losing sales and exploring sale or breakup as milk consumption wanes

For Flood-Hit Farmers on Missouri River, Sand Is the Next Big Challenge

Wall Street Journal | Posted onMay 7, 2019 in Agriculture News

In areas where floodwaters have receded, farmers are left to deal with piles of sand, debris on their fields

Some horse advocates buck at new plan to save wild mustangs

Capital Press | Posted onMay 7, 2019 in Agriculture News

Animal welfare groups have reached a milestone agreement with ranching interests they say would save wild  mustangs from slaughter but the compromise has opened a nasty split among horse protection advocates.The Humane Society of the United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals say their proposal backed by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the American Farm Bureau Federation would eliminate the threat of slaughter for thousands of free-roaming horses primarily by spending millions of dollars on expanding fertility controls on the range.As part

Task force takes on rural stress in Minnesota

MPR | Posted onMay 7, 2019 in News

The University of Minnesota has established a new rural stress task force to address a wide range of socioeconomic issues. University of Minnesota Extension Dean Bev Durgan said the effort comes in response to the stress on farm families and rural communities brought on by several years of low farm income."We're losing farms. Main Street is looking different — and [the] Extension's role is to really help people be able to get the information they need and to help them make decisions of what this means for them," Durgan said."Is it to prevent farm foreclosures?

'Forever Chemicals' Ruin Dairies

DTN | Posted onMay 7, 2019 in Agriculture News

Food may be the next frontier in research on a wide array of potentially toxic chemicals increasingly showing up in drinking water and groundwater nationally. Art Schaap and Fred Stone milk dairy cows more than 2,000 miles from each other, but right now, neither one of them can sell their milk.

USDA provides blueprint for dismantling a government research agency

Union of Concerned Scientists | Posted onMay 2, 2019 in Federal News

For scientists, it’s a significant accomplishment to get your work published in a peer-reviewed journal. The process of submitting a paper, fielding reviewer comments, and revising the work can take months (or years!), and final publication in a respected journal lends credibility to any researcher’s work. So it was odd when the Washington Post reported last week that USDA was now requiring its researchers to label outside peer-reviewed scientific publications with the word “preliminary”. But this wasn’t actually news to me.

Climate change has U.S. fund managers adjusting agriculture investments

Reuters | Posted onMay 2, 2019 in News

After historic floods devastated Midwestern agricultural states this spring, some fund managers are evaluating how climate change will affect the long-term value of companies that make or sell products ranging from tractors to fertilizer. The issue is not simply the unpredictability of weather.

Farmers are milking an appetite for American hay

Heated Medium | Posted onMay 2, 2019 in Agriculture News

Today, China accounts for almost half of Oregon Hay’s sales, with manager Vic Follen traveling to China three to six times a year for the company that exports for 50 or more U.S.

EPA has received DOE input for 2018 small refinery waivers

Reuters | Posted onMay 2, 2019 in Energy News

The Department of Energy has given the Environmental Protection Agency its scoring results for the 40 outstanding 2018 applications made by small refineries for waivers from U.S. biofuel laws. The recommendations from the Energy Department are a crucial step in the EPA’s process for weighing the exemption requests, which can save refineries millions of dollars in regulatory costs and have become the center of a bitter dispute between the rival oil and corn industries. The U.S.