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Denver, Colorado | January 8-10, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

Site Visits:
Ardent Mills, Mile High Bakery and LeprinoCheese

Ardent Mills Presentation by David Sheluga
Ardent Mills Enlightened Eating

State efforts on Water Quality 

Peggy Hall, The Ohio State University
Addressing Non-point Sources of Agricultural Nutrients in Ohio
Julia Anastasio, Association of Clean Water Administrators
Roger Wolf, Iowa Soybean Association 
Agricultural BMP Database Portal
Minnesota’s Buffer and Drainage Law
CSG- Stateline Midwest: State Pursue New Strategies to Protect Water Quality

Saturday, January 09, 2015

Plenary on Food

Corona Insights moderated a consumer focus group on attributes considered in purchasing food. 
Dr. Drew Westen, Emery University
Putting Rural America Back on the Map

Breakout  I: Farmland Taxation

Katrina Hall, Director, State Government Relations, Indiana Farm Bureau
Katrina Hall Presentation on State Farmland Assessments
Interim Study on State Farmland Assessment
Peggy Hall, J.D. , Field Specialist, Agricultural & Resource Law, Ohio State University
Dr. Larry Janssen, South Dakota State University Agriculture Economics

Breakout  I: The Opportunities and Challenges of an “All of the Above” Energy Policy

Oil Market Outlook
Dave Lock , Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc.
Tri-State, the Big Picture
Steve Bleyl, Executive Vice President, Green Plains Energy
Hannah Breul, U.S. Energy Information Agency

Breakout  I: Growing the Winery, Cider and Brewery Industries

Dr. Bart Watson, Brewers Association 
Mike Beck, President, United States Cider Association
Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, Texas 

Breakout  I:Enhancing Trade and International Marketing, TPP and Trade Restrictions

Jason Hafemeister, USDA-FAS Trade Policy Coordinator 
The Agricultural Trade Agenda-The TPP and Why It Matters
Nathalie Durand, Director, Americas Division Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Tony Clayton, President Clayton Agri-Marketing, Inc.

Canada-U.S. Agriculture Trade, Let’s Keep a Good Thing Growing

Ms. Marcy Grossman, Canadian Consulate General
Video: Lets Keep a Good Thing Growing

Breakout II:  Water Scarcity

Richael Young, president Mammoth Trading
John Stulp, ‎Special Policy Advisor to the Governor for Water and Chairman of the IBCC  
Colorado’s Water Plan ( )
California’s Water Plan (
CSG-Southern Legislative Conference- A river Runs Through It,  An Update on the Tri-State River Wars.

Breakout II:  Emerging Threats; Avian Influenza, Citrus Greening and…are we preparing to fail?

Dr. Beth Thompson, Minnesota Board of Animal Health 
Dr. Leland S. Pierson, Professor and Head, Plant Pathology & Microbiology, Texas A&M
Emerging Plant Pathogens  

Breakout II:  What Limits Rural Growth and How to Address It

Diane Smith, President American Rural
Loren Howard, Chief Executive Officer, San Luis Valley Rural Electric Co-op

Breakout II:  Legalizing Marijuana and Hemp, Impacts and Issues

Matty Mangone- Miranda, GenCanna CEO (Hemp)
Lewis Koski, Director, Marijuana Enforcement Division Colorado Dept. of Revenue
Ron  Kammerzell, Senior Director, Marijuana Enforcement Division, CO Dept. of Revenue
Jenny Dresler, Director of State Public Policy, Oregon Farm Bureau
Illegal Use of Pesticides in Marijuana
NCSL-Regulating Marijuana: Taxes, Banking and Federal Law
NCSL-Regulating Marijuana: A Year and a Half In
Hemp and Up and Coming Crop in Manitoba

Breakout III:  Animal Agriculture Challenges

Eric Parks, former undercover videographer
Dan Frank, Frank Law Office, Wyoming 
Wyoming Trespassing Law
Dan Murphy, Columnist
Dr. Egan Brockhoff Prairie Swine Health

Breakout III:  Dealing with the Drug Issue in Rural Communities

Marisa Hebble, Director, Opioid Task Force  
Opioid Task Force, Community Response to a Community Crisis
Dr. Shannon M. Monnat, Pennsylvania State University
Examining Rural/Urban Differences in Prescription Opioid Misuse Among US Adolescents
Key Facts and Emerging Trends in Rural Substance Use

Breakout III:  On the edge of rural: Forestry and Aquaculture and Value Added Products

Commissioner Michael C. Snyder, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation
Donald B. Kent, President, Hubbs Sea World Research Institute