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To Control Forest Fires, Western States Light More of Their Own

Pew Trust | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Rural News

Tramping over a charred mountainside here one foggy morning, Matt Champa glowed with satisfaction. “Deer and elk will love this,” said the U.S. Forest Service “burn boss,” gesturing to a cluster of blackened trees that eventually will fall and create more space for forage plants.

Editorial:How to Grow the Rural Economy

Storm Lake Times | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Rural News

The population numbers since 2010 look bad for most rural Iowa counties: Pocahontas, down 7.8%; Sac, down 6.1%; Audubon, down 10%; Cass, down 7.3%; Adams, down 9.5%. A small sampling of isolated rural counties. They may have peaked in population in 1940 or before. The sad news is: Nothing is on the horizon to turn it around.This according to Iowa State University research economist Dave Swenson, who studies regional trade dynamics and population. “They’re not within driving distance of a market center,” he explains, as is much of the Great Plains. Too far from Omaha or even Sioux City.

CBD entering food and drink at an 'astounding pace,' report says

Food Dive | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Food News

A new Rabobank report found that CBD has been entering food and beverage products — beer, coffee, cocktails, jelly beans and others — at an "astounding pace." However, the substance remains illegal in foods and beverages on a national level, and it may not be approved for several more years barring congressional action, according to the report.Meanwhile, the market appears poised for more CBD-infused products, and Rabobank said the demand is likely to continue.

Monsanto parent company Bayer faces thousands of Roundup-cancer cases after $2 billion verdict

NBC News | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Agriculture News

“We’re not suing them for the fact that their product causes cancer. We’re suing them because they didn’t tell people that it causes cancer.”Annually, for weeks at a time over his more than 30 years of farming, John Barton would spray a thousand gallons of Roundup every day to kill the weeds springing up among his cotton crop outside Bakersfield, California.Barton, now 70, retired from farming in 2010 and planned to move to northern Idaho with his wife.

Widespread alfalfa winterkill being reported

Hay & Forage Grower | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Agriculture News

Name any Upper Midwest state and there’s a good chance widespread alfalfa winterkill is being discussed. Although no year is a good year to be looking at brown alfalfa fields in the spring, the timing for this year is especially bad with wet conditions severely delaying spring field activities and the dairy economy still reeling from an extended period of low milk prices.By now, most alfalfa growers have been able to assess the damage, which ranges from complete loss to only portions of fields.

Trade war, heavy rains weigh on Deere & Co.

Capital Press | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Agriculture News

Deere cut its profit and sales expectations for the year as a trade war between the U.S.

Interior Department policy let political appointees review FOIA requests

Roll Call | Posted onMay 23, 2019 in Federal News

So-called awareness review process could expose department to legal action.

Louisiana bill would require country of origin labeling on restaurant menus

The New Food Economy | Posted onMay 20, 2019 in Food, SARL Members and Alumni News

Seafood that is sold at grocery stores is subject to federal country-of-origin labeling laws. That same transparency has yet to be extended to restaurants. A bill requiring Louisiana restaurants to label menus with the origins of shrimp and crawfish is winding its way through the state legislature. If passed, the law would be a huge win for Louisiana’s commercial fishing industry, which has been advocating for such a requirement for over a decade. The idea is that diners in Louisiana, when given the choice, would rather eat locally harvested seafood than the imported variety.

Wisconsin farmers tells Fox News suicides, bankruptcy rising in rural U.S. amid China trade war

Newsweek | Posted onMay 20, 2019 in Agriculture, Federal News

A National Farmers Union executive and active Wisconsin dairy farmer joined Midwest agricultural leaders this week in condemning President Donald Trump's ongoing trade war with China, warning of increased financial stress and suicide among farmers. Patty Edelburg, vice president of the Washington-based NFU group, which says it represents some 200,000 U.S.

Trade aid could reach $20B: USDA calculating 'legally defensible' trade damage done to producers

DTN | Posted onMay 20, 2019 in Agriculture, Federal News

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said that a second trade aid package for farmers may total $15 billion to $20 billion, the latter figure $5 billion higher than President Donald Trump has suggested. Perdue said that USDA would calculate "the legally defensible trade damage done to our producers," give that estimate to Trump and would be "prepared to defend those amounts" to the World Trade Organization, where the United States could face charges that it has violated rules on subsidies.