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Recent AgClips

150K growers & 16M acres affected by Midwest flooding

Ag Daily | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Agriculture News

As the Midwest continues to recover from the historic flooding, more information is being revealed on the aftermath. The Midwest flooding crisis has already damaged grain and potentially many grain bin structures and is expected to present problems into July, impacting the current planting season. A geospatial intersection of Farm Market iD’s land data with a flood map from March 16 to 24, 2019, showed that Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas are experiencing significant impacts from the flooding.

Growers face battle against herbicide resistance

Capital Press | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Agriculture News

It takes a few ounces per acre of a herbicide containing glyphosate to kill the weed downy brome. At least, it’s supposed to.But when a farmer sent a sample of the weed to Washington State University professor Ian Burke’s lab, researchers determined it would take seven times the maximum label rate of the herbicide to kill it.That’s an extreme example of a problem that’s become more serious in recent years: herbicide resistance in weeds. For decades, farmers have relied on an array of herbicides to get rid of weeds that compete with their crops and drastically reduce yields.

Trade disputes take toll on beef, pork exports

Capital Press | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Federal News

The trade wars with China and Mexico are cutting into U.S. exports of beef and pork. Pork exports were down 9% in volume and 17% in value year over year, the U.S. Meat Export Federation reported in its monthly trade tally.Beef exports declined 6% in volume and 3% in value. That’s a stark contrast to last year’s record-breaking performance, which brought a 7% increase in volume and a 15% increase in value.

Kansas, Missouri among latest states to debate refinancing for aging coal plants

Energy News Network | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Energy News

Bills surfaced in both states that would let utilities refinance uneconomic power plants using ratepayer-backed bonds.

Louisiana Truth in Labeling Bill Moves Forward

Louisiana State Legisture | Posted onApril 25, 2019 in SARL Members and Alumni News

 Read by title and passed by a vote of 34 yeas and 0 nays; ordered reengrossed and sent to the House.Food manufacturers selling products such as "cauliflower rice" could face new labeling restrictions in Louisiana, under a bill in the Legislature.The Senate voted 34-0 Monday (April 22) for a “truth in labeling” measure that adds protections for meat, rice and sugar producers.Sen. Francis Thompson, a Delhi Democrat, says he wants to ensure consumers know what they're buying.His proposal is similar to legislation signed in Arkansas.

Nberaska Solar Schools Project

Kearney Hub | Posted onApril 25, 2019 in Energy, SARL Members and Alumni News

Nebraska Solar Schools has been awarded $31,250 from the Nebraska Environmental Trust for a pilot project within its Solar Energy Education and Development Program: 100 Solar Energy Kits for 100 Nebraska Schools.The focus of the new pilot project is on K-12 schools in Nebraska towns and cities that have developed or plan to develop solar projects, including rooftop solar, solar farms or other installations.The cities and towns in the pilot project’s focus group include but are not limited to: Kearney, Lexington, Loup City, Ainsworth, Aurora, Central City, Chadron, Fremont, Gothenburg, Grand

Michigan climate action plans don't leave low-income households behind

Michigan Radio | Posted onApril 25, 2019 in News

Some cities in Michigan are putting together climate change action plans. Part of that is making everything more energy efficient in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. One of the big concerns is making sure low-income households are not left behind.The state requires Michigan’s big utility companies to offer rebates for energy efficiency upgrades in homes.

Ohio nuclear subsidy bill designed to undermine wind and solar, experts say

Energy News Network | Posted onApril 25, 2019 in Energy, SARL Members and Alumni News

Analysts say legislation to subsidize Ohio’s nuclear plants through the creation of a statewide “Clean Air Program” would discourage development of wind and solar energy because it would undermine renewable energy requirements set in place a decade ago. The bill would eliminate a surcharge allowing utilities to pass along their costs for complying with the state’s renewable portfolio standard, replacing a competitive renewable energy market with subsidies that appear aimed toward existing nuclear and coal power plants.

Denied: Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission rejects Vectren's power plant proposal

Courier & Press | Posted onApril 25, 2019 in Energy News

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission rejected a Vectren proposal to build an 850-megawatt natural gas-fueled power plant to replace its aging coal-burning A.B. Brown Generating Station.

Lawsuit Alleges Meatpacker Conspiracy

DTN | Posted onApril 25, 2019 in Food News

The nation's largest meatpacking companies conspired to unlawfully depress fed-cattle prices paid to ranchers starting in 2015, a national cattle group alleges in a new class-action lawsuit filed in federal court in Illinois on Tuesday.