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Michigan AG: I’ll move to shut oil pipeline if talks fail

AP News | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in SARL Members and Alumni News

Michigan’s attorney general pledged Monday to move to shut down an oil pipeline in the Great Lakes if the governor doesn’t find a “swift and straightforward” resolution to the contentious issue. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last month halted state agencies’ work to facilitate construction of a tunnel beneath the lakebed to house a new segment of Line 5 in the channel where Lakes Huron and Michigan meet, pointing to a legal opinion from Attorney General Dana Nessel while citing concerns that her Republican predecessor’s plan would keep the existing 66-year-old pipeline in the water too long.

Pennsylvania commits to Paris Agreement climate goals; state’s plan calls for 80 percent carbon cuts by 2050

NPR | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Energy, SARL Members and Alumni News

Pennsylvania joined the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bi-partisan group of two dozen states committed to goals outlined in the 2015 U.N. Paris Climate Agreement. Gov. Tom Wolf announced the move at an event in Harrisburg while releasing the state’s latest Climate Action Plan, which includes 100 ways to cut carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050. The cuts are based on 2005 emissions levels. The Paris Agreement committed countries to reduce carbon emissions in order to prevent global average temperatures from rising beyond 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.

Every Burger King will have meatless Whoppers by the end of the year

Vox | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in News

If you’ve been hankering to try one of the cutting-edge meatless burgers people are talking about but haven’t been able to get your hands on one yet, you’re in luck: Burger King’s Impossible Whopper — a patty made with 0 percent meat — will soon be available nationwide. It’s been barely a month since the fast-food chain announced it was giving the new Impossible Whopper a trial run in 59 restaurants in the St. Louis area.

Canadian farm exports hit new Chinese obstacles amid diplomatic dispute

Yahoo | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Agriculture, SARL Members and Alumni News

An expanding list of Canadian farm exports is hitting obstacles at Chinese ports, leaving sellers of soybeans, peas and pork scrambling amid a bitter diplomatic dispute. China has already blocked Canadian canola from Richardson International and Viterra, two of Canada's biggest farm exporters, saying that shipments had pests.

It's 'go time' for Washington hemp, advocate says

Capital Press | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in SARL Members and Alumni News

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill Friday loosening restrictions on growing and processing hemp, though farmers still will need to buy a license from the state and submit harvested plants for testing. For the first time, Washington farmers will be able to get seeds without federal approval and produce hemp for CBD oil. The bill also eliminates a 4-mile buffer between hemp and marijuana fields that made much of Washington off-limits to hemp.Industrial Hemp Association of Washington lobbyist Bonny Jo Peterson said she was elated with the outcome.

Trump, the dairy exterminator

Edairy News | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Agriculture News

Wisconsin is known as “America’s Dairyland,” but the milk makers who gave the state its moniker are vanishing, falling prey to a variety of impediments, including President Trump and his global trade war.Over the past two years, nearly 1,200 of the state’s dairy farms have stopped milking cows and so far this year, another 212 have disappeared, with many shifting production to beef or vegetables. The total number of herds in Wisconsin is now below 8,000 — about half as many as 15 years ago.

Why rural counties are dying in America

Axios | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Rural News

Rural counties — particularly in the Midwest and Northeast of the U.S. — are losing people due to higher death rates than birth rates and more people moving away than moving in. The outlook: The 2020 census is likely to show the extent of this drastic trend. "Barring a significant reversal in the next few years," Richard Fry of the Pew Research Center tells Axios, "the share of the population living in rural counties will be less than it was in 2010 ...

Trump’s Offshore Oil-Drilling Plan Sidelined Indefinitely

Wall Street Journal | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Energy News

The Trump administration’s proposal to vastly expand offshore oil and gas drilling has been sidelined indefinitely as the Interior Department grapples with a recent court decision that blocks Arctic drilling, according to Interior Secretary David Bernhardt. The ruling by a federal judge in Alaska last month may force Interior Department officials to wait until the case goes through potentially lengthy appeals before they can make a final decision on what offshore areas to open up for the oil and gas industry,




Trump Administration Puts Offshore Drilling Plan On Hold After Setback In Court

npr | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Energy News

The Trump administration is postponing controversial plans to greatly expand oil and gas drilling off of the nation's coasts, following a recent setback in court and months of pushback from coastal communities.

Corn Plantings Off to a Slow Start Again

The Poultry Site | Posted onMay 1, 2019 in Agriculture News

Corn plantings are off to another slow start but that did not seem to provide much support to corn futures on Monday as all contracts lost ground. The nearby May corn futures closed at 3.695 $/bu, 6.6 cents lower than the close on Friday. December '09 and 10 March futures contracts fell 8.9 and 9 cents, respectively.