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The twelfth annual Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit was held at the Delta VancouverAirport Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia. Namesunderlined below indicate linked materials.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Arrival  Most attendees arrive. Free time

Friday, June 7, 2013

8:00 am Buffet Breakfast
8:30 am Agriculture and Carbon Emissions Protocal
  Debbie Reed, Executive Director, Coalition on Ag Greenhouse Gases, Washington, D.C.
  Karen Haugen-Kozyra, Senior Partner, The Prasino Group
9:30 am Open Dairy Discussion
11:30 am Buses leave for tours
  Attendees participate in tour of British Columbia agriculture
5:00 pm  Bus to Reception for late arrivals, spouses 
5:30 pm Return to Hotel
6:30 pm Reception and Dinner at Hotel - Canadian Ag Minister Ritz, special speaker

Saturday, June 8 2013

State and Provincial Policy: What Works, What Doesn't 
7:00 am Breakfast 
8:00 am Welcome
8:30 am PLENARY: State and Provincial Role in Energy
  Dennis Hill, North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives
  Warren McKenna, Farmers Electric Cooperative, Iowa
  Representative Mike Bost, Illinois
9:30 am Breakout I 
  Addressing Water Quality and the Bottom Line (session summary)
  Ann Swanson, Chesapeake Bay Commission, Maryland
  Dave Tuthil, Integrated Watershed Solutions, Idaho
  Dr. Paul Genho, Farmland Reserve, Utah
  Claire Schary, U.S. EPA Region 10, Washington
  Successes in Rural Health Care
  Jim Luker, former Senator, Arkansas
related: Health Care System Transformation
  Stephanie Larsen, Assistant Director for Organizing, Center for Rural Affairs, Montana
  Alan Morgan, CEO, National Rural Health Association, Washington, D.C.
  The Future of State Fairs (session summary)
  Senator Jim Anderson, Wyoming
  Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe, CEO, West Virginia State Fair
  John Putney, Executive Director, Blue Ribbon Foundation, Iowa State Fair
  Tina Hlabse, General Counsel, North Carolina Department of Agriculture
  What Does Science Say About Animal Housing (session summary)
  Elizabeth Rumley, Staff Attorney, National Agricultural Law Center, Arkansas
  Dr. Janeen Lyn Salek-Johnson, Associate Professor, University of Illinois
  Dr. Janice Swanson, Chair and Professor, Animal Behavior and Welfare, Michigan State University
11:00 pm Review of State Efforts  
  New Hampshire » Farm Protection LegislationRepresentative Bob Haefner (related)
  Arkansas » Road Sales and Use Tax Ballot Initiative, former Senator Jim Luker
  Utah » Metal Theft PreventionRepresentative Jack Draxler
  West Virginia » Feed to Achieve ActSenator John Unger
12:15 pm Lunch Session: A Learned Lesson in Talking to Consumers
Rory McAlpine, Maple Leaf Foods
1:30 pm Breakout II 
  Calculating and Working with TMDLs and Discharge Footprints(session summary)
  Claire Schary, Water Quality Trading Coordinator, U.S.EPA, Region 10, Washington
  Ann Swanson, Executive Director, Chesapeake Bay Commission, Maryland
  Legal Challenges, Right to Farm and Private Property Rights (session summary)
  Gary Baise, Attorney, OFW Law, Washington, D.C.
  The Immigration Debate
  Craig Regelbrugge, Vice President, American Nursery & Landscape Association, Washington, D.C. (related)
  Michele Morandini, Director, Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Western Territories Region, Service Canada, British Columbia
  Fran Boyd. Senior Vice President, Meyers and Associates, Washington, D.C.
  Local and State Food Labeling (session summary)
  Mark Walters, Partner, Frommer, Lawrence & Haug, LLP, Washington 
  Dr. Barbara Schneeman, Professor Emerita, University of California
  John Dillard, Attorney, OFW Law, Washington, D.C.
  Representaitive John Rusche, MD, Idaho (related)
  David Zepponi,President, Northwest Food Processors Association, Oregon
3:00 pm Learning From a Decade of in Ag Diversification and Rural Development
  Norm Walzer, Senior Research Scholar, Northern Illinois University Center for Government Studies and former founding director of the Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs
  Roger Thomas, Executive Director, Governors Office of Ag policy, Kentucky
  Barry Denk, Executive Director, Center for Rural Pennsylvania
4:00 pm Breakout III
  Where is the Farm Bill? (session summary)
  Fran Boyd. Senior Vice President, Meyers and Associates, Washington, D.C.
  Learning How to Talk to Consumers and Voters
  Jennifer Grenz, President, Vision Bridge, British Columbia
  Joe Dales, Co-Founder, (case-study)
  Working Together, Sharing Water Across Government Lines (session summary)
  Dr. Hank Venema, Vice President, Science and Innovation, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Manitoba
  John Stulp, Special Policy Advisor to the Governor, Colorado
  Mark Masters, Exectuve Manager, ACF Stakeholders, Georgia
  Funding Rural Infrastructure
  Bill Stouffer, Associate, Flotron McIntosh, Missouri
  Jim Luker, former Senator, Arkansas
  Kathy Ruffalo, President, Ruffalo & Associates
6:30 pm Reception and Dinner: Economic Perspective
Glen Hodgson, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, The Conference Board of Canada, Ontario

Sunday, June 9, 2013

7:30 am Buffet Breakfast
  Annual Meeting
Officer and Board Elections
9:00 am Optional Meeting Review