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Recent AgClips

Wild Pig Wars: Controversy Over Hunting, Trapping in Missouri

AgWeb | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in Rural News

Under gray skies on a fall morning, Rick Clubb wears an expression of disbelief as he walks across 10 acres of strafe-bombed pasture and stares down at ground turned upside down overnight. Wild pigs have unleashed hell. Again. The field is flipped and cratered, green gone brown in multiple stretches, testament to the wrecking ball capacity of a phenomenally opportunistic survivor. Head in hands, Clubb rubs his temples as the proverbial dollars drain from his pockets, keenly aware of the stark reality on his southeast Missouri farm: The wild pigs always return.

Jury returns $2 billion verdict against Monsanto for couple with cancer -- the biggest so far

CNN | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in Agriculture News

A jury handed an unparalleled $2.055 billion verdict in favor of a couple in California who say their cancer was caused by long-term exposure to Monsanto's popular weed killer Roundup, according to the plaintiffs' attorneys.The verdict in Oakland includes more than $55 million in compensatory damages to the couple and $2 billion in punitive damages, a statement said.The verdict "is as clear of a statement as you can get that they need to change what they're doing," one of the plaintiffs' attorneys, Brent Wisner, told reporters Monday.

Michigan farmers blast Trump trade policies amid new Chinese tariffs

Detroit Free Press | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in Federal News

Frustrated Michigan farmers blasted the Trump administration's trade policies Monday, hours after China announced new tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. imports. "The noose is getting tighter," said Jim Byrum, president of the Michigan Agri-Business Association."We have lost market opportunities. We're not shipping soybeans around the world like we normally would. We're not shipping them to China.

How One Atlanta Startup Solved The Biggest Problem In Food Waste Recovery

Forbes | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in Food News

For any food waste recovery business, whether for profit or non-profit, the biggest expense is logistics. Jasmine Crowe, founder of Atlanta-based startup Goodrknew that from the start.Roadie’s model focuses on targeting drivers who are already near a pickup and likely heading in the right direction for the delivery. And Truxx is focused on larger vehicles for larger loads.

Impossible Foods raises $300 million with investors eager for bite of meatless burgers

Reuters | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in Food News

Impossible Foods, which makes a meatless plant-based burger and is backed by celebrities like Serena Williams and Katy Perry, said on Monday it has raised $300 million in the latest round of funding ahead of a possible initial public offering.

'Impossible' research produces 400-year El Niño record, revealing startling changes

Science Daily | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in Energy News

Coral experts around the world said it was impossible to extract a multi-century record of El Niño events. But now a persistent effort has produced the world's first 400-year long record of El Niño events. And the changes researchers have found to El Niños in recent decades are startling.

Third-biggest US coal company files for bankruptcy

AP News | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in Energy News

The nation’s third-largest coal company by production volume filed for bankruptcy Friday as utility companies increasingly turn to gas-fired generation and renewable energy for electricity. Gillette-based Cloud Peak Energy filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. The move was widely expected since at least March, when the company received the first of several extensions to make a $1.8 million loan payment. The latest extension expired Friday.

States fight Trump rollback of Obama lightbulb rules

The Hill | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in SARL Members and Alumni News

States are preparing to fight back as the Trump administration moves to erase Obama-era standards for lightbulbs.

Farmers Losing Grip on American Food Dollar

Growing Produce | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in Agriculture News

According to a report recently released by the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS), U.S. farmers and ranchers earn just 14.6 cents for every dollar American consumers spend on food. This value marks a 17% drop since 2011 and marks the smallest portion of the American food dollar that farmers have received since the USDA began reporting this data in 1993. The remaining 85.4 cents cover off-farm costs, including processing, wholesaling, distribution, marketing, and retailing.

26 U.S. states ban or restrict local broadband initiatives

Tech Spot | Posted onMay 16, 2019 in Rural News

Faced with high fees, slow speeds and poor customer service, many communities in the U.S. have turned to community broadband projects to free themselves from the clutches of major telecom providers. But this isn’t an option for everyone, as 26 states either severely restrict or outright ban community broadband initiatives. Healthy competition is meant to be the cornerstone of the U.S. economy, but the telecom industry has not only never embraced that mentality, it has apparently gone one step further by successfully lobbying to reduce competition through restrictions and outright bans.