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This is one app you want to add to your phone...and use!

In order to provide fast, reliable broadband to underserved communities, it is important to have accurate data on the actual internet speed.  Federal Communication Commission data is based on census or zip code areas, National Association of Counties is partnering with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation and the Rural Community Assistance Partnership to collect the datat needed for accurate assessment.  They have designed an iOS/Android mobule app that leverages a broadband sampling tool designed to aggregate broadband speeds across the country.  All users have to do is download the app to their phone and then push one button to test their broadband speed from anywhere. 

Additionally, users will be able to compare their internet speeds to the national averages and the minimum standards established by the FCC.

When you click it to test it, the results will be sent to a database that can be used to analyze connectivity data across the country.  The data will help identify areas where broadband service is overstated by comparing the data to the National Broadband Map. No personal data is collected from your phone.

Just go to the App Store or Google Play and search for "TestIT."
Download TestIt
Open TestIT and click - Test Speed Here

For more information go to TestIT