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Resolution 2009-5

Resolution in Support of the US Dairy Industry

WHEREAS:  the dairy industry is a keystone industry which not only supports rural communities but enhances other sectors of agriculture, providing open space for recreation, sportsmen and women, and tourism; and

WHEREAS:  the dairy industry provides an economic impact of an estimated $14,000 per cow per year, primarily in the local economy; and

WHEREAS:  the lack of stable prices, concentration of process and capacity, outdated regulations and labor shortages are creating a crisis in the industry; and

WHEREAS:  a significant loss of capacity would create a dependence on imported milk and other dairy products and reduce our nation's food security; and

WHEREAS:  the 2008 Farm Bill creates a review process for federal milk marketing orders;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: that State Agricultural and Rural Leaders urge Congress and the administration to acknowledge the importance of the dairy industry nationwide, as well as the unique aspects of the dairy industry region by region through:

  • Funding and implementing the federal milk marketing order study as outlined in the 2008 Farm Bill, with regional representation from producers, processors and state policy makers; and
  • Implementation of fair tariffs on imported dairy solids; and
  • Setting regional prices to reflect accurately and realistically the cost of production; and
  • Addressing the problems of labor shortages within the dairy industry by providing more opportunity for training and education, as well as a fair and sensible approach to imported labor; and

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to The United States Congress, Secretary of Agriculture, and the agricultural committees of the state legislatures.