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Resolution 2009-1

A Resolution in Support of Continued Processing of Horses and the Transportation of Horses for Processing.

WHEREAS: The processing of horses has become a controversial and emotional issue and has resulted in the closing of the last horse processing facility in the United States; and

WHEREAS: Federal legislation has been introduced to amend the 1970 Horse Protection Act to prohibit the possession, sale, transport or shipping of horses for processing; and

WHEREAS: The loss of secondary markets has severely impacted the livestock industry by eliminating the salvage value of horses and significantly reducing the market value of all horses. This has resulted in significant increases in abandoned and starving animals as well as having significant economic impact on the entire equine industry; and

WHEREAS:  The increase in unwanted or unusable horses has overwhelmed the ability of both public and private animal welfare agencies to care for the estimated 100,000 surplus domestic horses that will compound annually; and 

WHEREAS: Issues related to humane handling and slaughter are best addressed by proper regulations and inspection, not by banning or exporting the issue; and 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that State Agriculture and Rural Leaders urges state legislatures and members of Congress to oppose any federal legislation that interferes with a stateÕs ability to transport or process horses; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be sent to the agriculture committees of the state and provincial legislatures