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Does aquaculture offer economic opportunities?

2017 Ag Chairs Summit
January 7, 2017
King Room

Aquaculture is different in different parts of the country, but in Louisiana it is an economic driver, with fish and shellfish consumption increasing, how can we help it grow economies in other parts of the country?


Sebastian Belle

Executive Director
Maine Aquaculture Association

Sebastian Belle began his career  as a commercial fisherman, working his way through his university studies as a mate on offshore lobster boats. Currently, Mr. Belle is executive director of the Maine Aquaculture Association, a private, nonprofit association representing Maine shellfish and finfish growers. Prior to joining this association, Mr. Belle served as state aquaculture coordinator for the Maine Department of Marine Resources. [node:read-more:link]

Leo Ray

Chief Executive Officer
Fish Breeders of Idaho

Leo Ray, his wife, Judith, and their son Tod built and operate Fish Breeders of Idaho, Inc.; Big Bend Trout, Inc.; and Fish Processors, Inc. They raise channel catfish, blue catfish, tilapia, rainbow trout, sturgeon and aquarium fish on geothermal wells and cold water springs. They process and market the fish they grow. Sturgeon eggs are made into caviar. [node:read-more:link]