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Recent AgClips

Whole Food Effect: When Small Food Makers Get the Call to Go Big

New York Times | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in Food News

Companies have learned that the wxcitement of the Whole FOods effect can quickly turn to fear as they face producing and distributing their reciped at larger volumes while maintaining quality and consistency. 

Firm suspends plans to build $3.3B natural gas pipeline

AP | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in Energy News

Plans to build a $3.3 billion natural gas pipeline from New York into New England through western Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire have been suspended.

South Dakota's surging dairy

Mitchell Republic | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in Agriculture News

South Dakota has peaked the charts with a 13 percent increase in milk production from the previous year, according to the USDA, which is the single largest jump in any state. former-Gov. Bill Janklow's pushed the dairy industry during his term in office. Even as statewide dairy farm numbers took a dip, Janklow saw an opportunity to boost the South Dakota economy. He began actively recruiting milk processing plants to the state to encourage growth in the dairy industry.

Connecticut Reviews a New Animal Rights Bill

WFUV | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in SARL Members and Alumni News

A new bill in Connecticut is giving more rights to animals caught up in pet custody and animal cruelty disputes. - See more at: bill would introduce animal advocates to the court system. Lawmakers are looking to adopt this practice after Rhode Island introduced similar legislation last year.

Legal defeat only emboldens 'food sovereignty' soldiers

Connecticut Post | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in Food News

The farm is a way of life Heather Retberg said needs to be protected from an aggressive regulatory structure that keeps small farms from getting food to local people. State legislators' pushback against "food sovereignty" advocates like Retberg, in Maine and elsewhere in the country, has only emboldened her.   "It's my right, as an individual, to grow the food I eat, she said."

Even after HSUS lawsuit, USDA approves pork checkoff payments for trademarks

Brownfield | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in Federal News

After its review, the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service has ruled that the National Pork Board can continue to pay its $3 million annual payments to the National Pork Producers Council for the “Pork: The Other White Meat” trademarks. The review was conducted following a lawsuit filed by the Humane Society of the US in 2012 alleging the payment for the trademarks was an unlawful use of Pork Checkoff Funds.  A district judge dismissed the case and an appellate court reversed that decision last year.

Will removing neonics save the bees?

Farm and Dairy | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in Agriculture News

Scotts Miracle Gro will phase out neonicotinoids in its garden care lineup by 2021.  Study results on the chemical are varied, as far as the severity of its contribution to the decline of the bee population. In fact, many have concluded there is no clear link between neonicotinoids and the honey bee syndrome known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

Banking Woes Easing for Legal Pot Businesses

AP | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in Agriculture News

Federal data show that the number of banks and credit unions across the country willing to handle pot money under Treasury Department guidelines issued two years ago has jumped from 51 in March 2014 to 301 last month.

More than three years into Washington's legal pot experiment, a large majority of businesses are paying taxes electronically, a sign of better access to bank accounts. The state is even poised to require electronic payments unless the shops can show a good reason to pay in cash.

How Chick-fil-A’s famously cute ad campaign hurts beef sales

Meatingplace | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in Food News

Back in 1995, an innovative PR firm or in-house marketing genius invented the famous “save the cow” marketing strategy for Chick-fil-A.  For twenty-one years now, this award-winning ad campaign has helped the Chick-fil-A brand differentiate itself from the crowded beef burger landscape.  Kudos to them for their competitive creativity.  If only it didn’t come at the beef industry’s expense.

UF/IFAS study finds better way to keep shrimp juicy, tasty

University of Florida | Posted onApril 25, 2016 in Food News

When you eat a shrimp, you probably want it to be juicy. That’s why University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers are trying to find alternatives to phosphates to lock in that texture and savory flavor.