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Elizabeth Choate

General Counsel
Texas Veterinary Medical Association
2018 Ag Chairs Summit

Elizabeth Choate has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Economics and a Juris Doctor with a certificate in Government Law. She has worked multiple sessions within the Texas state legislature both as a Policy Analyst and Chief of Staff/ General Counsel. Currently, Ms. Choate serves as the Director of Government Relations/ General Counsel for the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. Her responsibilities include addressing the legal questions and concerns of the membership covering a diverse range of issues including but not limited to practice, ethics and employment law. In addition, Elizabeth helps TVMA members as they maneuver the many layers of state and federal agency regulations that govern the veterinary profession. Elizabeth also assists TVMA’s leaders in determining the legislative priorities of the membership and then works advocate for those priorities and to protect and promote the veterinary profession within the state legislature. This includes working to build strong relationships with and providing information to educate elected officials on the issues that are of importance to Texas veterinarians. Finally, Elizabeth manages the activities of the Veterinary Political Action Committee (VPAC).